Disney’s new nuiMOs are great for kids as well as adults

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The latest line of plush from The Disney Store and shopDisney.com is called Disney nuiMOs. These adorable small plush characters are approximately six inches high.   They are all poseable, have magnets inside their hands so they can hold hands with each other, and have several outfits that can be purchased separately to create more fun and inspire young imaginations.
Currently the nuiMOs are: Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Angel, Daisy, and Donald. Several outfits for the nuiMOs are available at this time with new ones on the horizon. The outfits can be mixed and matched for hours of fun and cuddles.

The sweet little characters do not need to be dressed. They are soft and cuddly on their own, but there are fun outfits to purchase to update their fashions. For instance, to celebrate The Chinese New Year, there are sets to dress Mickey and Minnie in elegant and colorful Chinese attire.

Angel, Daisy, and Minnie can be decked out in a cute sweater, skirt and headband set, while Mickey, Stitch, and Donald can wear the striped top, red vest, and blue pants set. Or perhaps the girls would prefer a pink tracksuit or a fancy red Valentine’s dress. Maybe the boys would like the Varsity set that includes denim pants, a cap, and lettered varsity jacket. There is a fun animal print set that would look great on both the boys and girls. Actually, there are too many adorable outfits to choose from. With more on the way, if a child has the plush a new outfit is a no-brainer gift for any occasion.

These plush characters are so cute and with their wardrobe collection, kids can create countless hours of fun by simply changing the attire. On snowy days, they can dress their nuiMOs in jackets and warmer clothes, and for formal occasions they can dress them up for a special day. And there is even a sequined backpack to add to their accessories. Creating new adventures for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch, and Angel is easy and inspires young imaginations.

New outfits, accessories, or plush will be released the first Monday of each month. There’s no time like the present to start a collection of Disney nuiMOs in your house.

The plush nuiMOs list for $17.99 each and the accessories start at $12.99. These are great for kids but also adults who love the characters. What a fun way to decorate and add some whimsy to an office or house. So, the bottom line is, this new collection is great for everyone.

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