Grogu Plush and Pins


Grogu, aka The Child, from Star Wars: The Mandalorian, has captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. This little fellow is the highlight of the Disney+ series. The Disney Store and shopDisney have a limited release series of plush and pins for fans of the show and lovers of the little tot.

There are four different Grogu options in the series. The first is Grogu holding a one-eyed frog. Will he eat it? If he’s anything like his onscreen character he will. But in this case he is simply holding the soft green frog and possibly contemplating whether to keep it as a pet or have it for dinner.

The second Grogu is holding his cup waiting for something to drink or some broth. His expression is a delight and he looks like he is hoping to get the cup filled with something delicious.

Grogu #3 holds a bowl full of delicious squid. Yummy. He is a hungry little guy and is anxious for his dinner. If you know a chef, think about giving him/her this little fellow.

The fourth Grogu is sitting quietly in a Zen position. His eyes are closed and he looks like he is in deep thought. Ommm. Ommm. This little fellow is at peace and inspires a feeling of calm. He would make a great gift for anyone who practices yoga.

Each of the beanbag plush is soft and huggable. Grogu wears his tan robe with Sherpa collar and cuffs. The expressions on each of the four are different. And for little kids who just want a plain Grogu to sleep with, an adult can easily snip off the cup, bowl, and frog.

There are also four unique cloisonné pins in the collection that match the plush characters. The first one has a moveable cup that can slide up to his mouth for a drink. The second one, well, he is actually swallowing the frog! The frog’s legs are also moveable. Pin #3 is a peaceful Zen Grogu. And the fourth Grogu holds a moveable bowl filled with tasty squid. Because they are moveable, with the exception of the peaceful Zen child, these pins are cuter than a simple Grogu pin, especially for collectors.

The three standing plush measure about 7 ½ inches high. The sitting Grogu is about 5 ½ inches high. The pins are substantial, measuring approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches high.

These pins are $15.99 each and the plush Grogus are $16.99 each.

The Child, named Grogu, is a beloved character and has a fan base of young and not-so-young. Let’s face it – he’s adorable!


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