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First, let me say I hate trying on new shoes. Shoes are difficult to fit me so when I was offered a sample pair of the Infinity Footwear Fly Athletic Work Shoe FLY, I was ambivalent however I did accept their kind offer. They have a variety of colors in their Medical Scrubs Collection Infinity Footwear Fly Athletic Work Shoes. 

The shoes are designed for those in the medical profession or people who are on their feet all day. They are also perfect for the busy mom – or dad – who is running errands, keeping track of the kids, and playing in the yard. Yes, they are for everyday.

Selecting the color is daunting as they have so many interesting combinations. I selected the White Cloud Navy, but almost selected the Black Flecked. (I might purchase a pair as they do look cute). These shoes are a great addition to my casual shoe collection and are stylish with a splash of color. I ordered my usual shoe size and they are just right.  I am wearing the shoes right now and have worn them all day. They are definitely comfortable and not heavy. I hate heavy shoes that make your feet and legs tired. These shoes are light and easy to wear.

My only complaint is that the laces are too long. I had to tighten them a lot to fit the width of my skinny feet and the laces do hang over a bit. That was solved by double knotting them however I am going to invest in a pair of shorter laces. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied with these shoes. 

I can see wearing them all day long while running errands, doing housework, walking, cooking, and just watching television. As someone who has a hard time with shoes due to my narrow feet, I dread shoe shopping. (Carrie Bradshaw would be aghast at that statement.) But it is the truth. 

So, this year when you are considering what to get a busy man or woman, think about the Infinity Footwear Fly Athletic Work Shoe FLY.  It wouldn’t be the most intimate or romantic gift, but it would be something that is useful and enjoyed for a long time. Or just treat yourself to a pair of comfortable everyday sneaker-type shoes.

The shoe sizes begin at a 5 and run to 11 – including half sizes. They are called the Fly Athletic Work Shoes so you know they were created for long use. I am very happy I decided to take them up on their offer of a sample for review. I am not getting paid any promotion for this review and am not obligated to give a glowing report. I simply tell it like it is with these shoes I am very satisfied. 

Check out all the colors of this shoe and other items from the Medical Scrubs Collection from the company. (link at the top)

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These shoes were sent over from Medical Scrubs Collection. From breezy joggers and comfy athletic shoes to scrubs, jackets, and petite scrubs, Medical Scrubs Collection offers a vast array of chic fashions for all kinds of occasions.