OGORI Electric Mop - Product Review

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I love anything that makes my house clean and is easy to use. When I heard about the OGORI Electric Mop I decided to take a chance and try it out. (No, this item was not sent to me for review purposes. I actually own it.)

Keeping floors clean is essential for health and a clean house. Even if a laminate or hard floor is vacuumed, there is still dirt on it. Having tried several kinds of mops (every one of them gave me a backache by the time I was finished cleaning all the floors in my house) it was suggested to me to try an electric mop. That solved the problem of my aching back and also gave me clean floors. Plus, I find I clean my floors more often, which is a benefit for everyone in the house. I researched several electric mops and settled on the OGORI.

So, what is the OGORI electric mop? It is light weight, cordless, convenient, and does what it is supposed to do. The mop has a rechargeable battery and comes with several mop pads for different uses, however after using all of them I have settled on the ones I like the best. Additional pads are available to purchase as are additional batteries.

The mop has a water chamber which is easy to fill. The mop itself has an on/off button as well as a spray button for on-demand spraying of the water. I soak the pads then attach them to the mop, add the water to the chamber, then off I go to clean my floors. When there is a particular area that is dirtier or sticky, simply press the sprayer to add more water. The mop pads spin quickly so there is no need to use force when mopping. It doesn’t need it. For difficult areas I often go over the space a couple times, but that is rare.

Then, when you are finished, take off the pads (and notice how dirty they are) and toss them into the washing machine. It’s the easiest way I have found to clean the floors without harsh chemicals (the company that produced my laminate floors suggested only using water on my floors) and I don’t end up winded or with an aching back. I wish I had discovered this electric mop years ago.

The customer service for the company is wonderful. They are always willing to help solve any problem or answer any question. It is easy dealing with this company.

I was so pleased with my OGORI Electric Mop I purchased a second one for our getaway house. I am also considering purchasing others for gifts. 

The OGORI cordless electric mop has a low profile so it can easily reach under beds and many couches. There is even an LED headlight to see where you are cleaning. The water chamber holds 300 ml of water and if you find you need more (I never have) it is easy to fill. The mop can stand on its own making it easy to store in a closet. The detachable battery charges in less than 3 hours and depending on how you are using it, it can last 30-60 minutes. 

I usually don’t gush over a product however this one is something I can highly recommend from personal experience. The unit is reliable and the customer service is top notch. Check around online for prices of the OGORI cordless electric  mop. 

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