New products from ZURU for holidays 2021


Last year the folks at ZURU had some really fun toys. This year they have even more for the holidays and the following are designed for ages 3+.

Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprises are large plastic eggs, each filled with a unique plush character along with several additional surprises. There can be hair ornaments, jewelry, scented items, and more.

RainBocorns Talkin’ Jelly Shake Surprise is a colorful plastic “egg” that resembles an ice cream sundae. Now you’re talking my language! The plush animals are adorable plus they talk and sing.(Click that link to see and hear them sing.)  They are colorful, have fun faces, and when their hand is pressed they sing and talk. (Make sure they are turned on first. The switch is located in the Velcro pocket under the animal.) They are sure to brighten even the gloomiest winter days and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Besides the talking plush animals, each container is filled with plenty of additional fun pieces.

The RainBocorns Epic Golden Egg is the cream of the crop for girls. This golden egg glitters with plenty of golden sparkles and sequins. And inside there is a plush animal along with some fun hair accessories as well as several small plastic figures. With over 25 surprises inside this great golden egg, the fun keeps coming. Think of these as one big item with many additional items inside, along with the very large plush. How they get everything in these eggs is a mystery. And exactly what is inside is a mystery. Unfortunately, parents will most likely be pressured by their kids into buying several of these surprising products. Also, think about getting some now and putting them away for Easter. Click this link to watch and hear what this little fellow can do.

The ZURU Pets Alive series of moving fluffy animals now has an adorable little Pug – Poppy. Poppy will be a fun addition to your family. She has big, expressive eyes, a floppy tongue, soft fur, and – wait for it – she barks and moves. When her button is pressed (4 AA batteries are included), Poppy will swing her head, shake, and even manage to spin around in a circle. And her little tail and backside shake to show she is having a great time. What a great way to add a new pet to any household – especially one that gives so much fun but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. All she needs is love.

Calling all Paw Patrol fans! The Bubble Wow Paw Patrol gloves make bath time more fun than ever. Simply put on one of the gloves (they have all the pups) and there will instantly be bubbles everywhere. If you have a child who hates washing up, this is your answer. Paw Patrol and bubbles together make bath time fun time.

For more information about all the fun new products this season, check out their website. While there, check out the online games and activities.

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