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With all the stress in the world these days, kids need positive messages. The new For Keeps dolls are designed to do just that while at the same time sparking imaginations and adding some fun and fashion enjoyment.

Each of the seven dolls come with a special message plus several additional items besides the cute little dolls. They are about five inches tall and each one has a cute – and in most cases colorful – hairstyle and they all have smiles that are pretty much addicting. Just looking at them brings out a spark of joy.

The dolls are dressed in colorful outfits and there is a special surprise t-shirt included in the package. There are accessories (some dolls come with their own pets) as well as plastic stands on which to display the girls. Included in the package is a little cupcake that opens and can hold a small keepsake or a message of love and inspiration. Inspirational stickers and headbands also come in the packages. So, not only is there a doll that will become a child’s good friend, there are also many additions that can be interchanged with the others in the collection.

The founder of the company The Loyal Subjects, Jonathan Cathey said, “For Keeps is truly the first positive affirmation- and message-driven Fashion Doll – still filled with a ton of fashion play, but better!” The idea is to promote self-awareness and inspire kids with the idea of keeping them away from those pesky screens that have devoured hours of time. Playing with the dolls lets imaginations soar.

Each doll has a powerful message – “You Are Brave,” “You Are Love,” “You Can Do It,” “You Are Beautiful,” and “You Are Awesome.”

Each girl is unique. Mia is a Veterinarian, Ella is a Music Producer, Emma is a Filmmaker, Bella is a Journalist, Sophia is a Choreographer, and London and Paris are creative twins. Combine them for hours of playtime bringing out imagination and inspiration in kids.

These dolls are easy to transport so keeping them in a handbag is not a problem. Think about purchasing a few different dolls and hanging onto them for a time when your child needs a little extra bit of encouragement. They also make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

The For Keeps line of dolls is a new way to not only inspire youngsters but also promote positivity. After all, they have a lifetime ahead of them for all the stress and negativity that comes with life in this modern world. Childhood is the time for fun, love, and joy.

The For Keeps dolls are available at Target and Amazon.

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