Moana Merchandise Hits the Shelves

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The new Disney movie Moana doesn’t open until November 23, 2016 but merchandise is already flooding the shelves. Being the daughter of Chief Tui, Moana is the newest Disney princess and is this going to be the big animated movie for the season.

Plenty of Moana merchandise is already available with more coming almost daily. And Moana costumes will most likely be filling the streets this Halloween.

Moana is a film for boys and girls. With the character of Maui, boys will certainly find his storyline interesting. Maui is voiced by Dwayne Johnson. He is a demi-god of the South Pacific. His fishhook has magic powers with elaborate engraving on it.
The Maui Light-Up Fishhook is a fun toy that will be enjoyed by boys and girls, and goes great with the Maui Halloween costume. This sculptured fishhook is easy for little hands to hold although it is a little heavy and a bit wide for very tiny kids. The entire hook measures 18 ½ inches long.
There are sculpted designs on the actual hook and when the button on the handle is pressed the blade lights up and a sound is emitted. The sound and light can also be active by motion via the switch on the back of the handle.
Maui’s Light-Up Fishhook requires 2 AA batteries, which are included in the unit. It is for ages 3+. This item lists for $24.99.
The Moana Classic Doll measures 11 inches high. She is clothed in her traditional outfit and holds her paddle, which itself is engraved with tropical designs. Her long flowing black hair and poseable body make her a fun doll for kids to play with. She wears her special necklace and presents all the tropical beauty of Polynesia.
In the film, Moana is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho. She sets out on the sea to prove herself and fulfill a quest. The box for the Moana Classic Doll has a pop-out outrigger boat. With this boat and the doll, kids can create all kinds of adventures for this new princess. The boat is not waterproof so keep it on land.

With her detailed outfit, paddle, and boat, Moana is set for fun adventures in your home. The Moana Classic Doll lists for $19.95 and is intended for ages 3+.
The Moana Figure Play Set is definitely something that will inspire hours of fun and imaginative play. The 10-piece set includes Moana, toddler Moana, Maui with his fishhook, Maui as Hawk (he shape shifts in the film), Pua the pig with Heihei the rooster, Kakamora the pirate, Tamatoa the giant crab, Gramma Tala, Chief Tui, and Te Ka the lava monster.

The figures are all different sizes up to 4 inches high. They come in a decorative box however once they are removed from their plastic insets the figures cannot go back without a little help from mom or dad. This is a colorful set that can easily be transported to grandma’s house for plenty of fun there, or taken in the car to occupy kids and spark their imaginations.
The Moana Figure Play Set lists for $24.95.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Moana products. There are other toys and clothing that are bound to be on a lot of holiday gift lists this year.

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