‘The Queen Mother’s Blitz’ looks at this extraordinary woman

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Queen Elizabeth II is the last leader who served in World War II. Her family famously refused to give into any fear thrust upon the country by Hitler. Her mother, Queen Elizabeth aka the Queen Mother, stood valiantly by her husband the king during the war years and during the famous London Blitz she showed her inner strength and courage.

The documentary The Queen Mother’s Blitz looks at this woman and delves into her courage, which lifted up the country during that horrible time. She refused to leave Buckingham Palace even though the advisors suggested she go to Canada to wait out the war. She said steadfastly that her daughters (Elizabeth and Margaret) would not leave without her and she would not leave without the king, and the king was definitely not going to leave. This is similar to what Jacqueline Kennedy said during the Cuban Missile Crisis when she was advised to leave the East Coast in case of a nuclear attack. She said she would go out on the front lawn of the White House with her children if a launch were detected. In this way she also held up the morale of the country.

Hitler once said the Queen Mother was the most dangerous woman in the world. Her intelligence, cunning, wit, and dedication to freedom endeared her to the nation. She definitely showed her mettle during the blitz. She survived assassination attempts and the bombing of Buckingham Palace. She went out into the streets to be with the public. She showed that she, although privileged to be in her position, was just as much a target as the rest of the population.

The documentary is a look at how her words and actions lifted up the country and the morale of the people of not only the U.K. but also the world. With Hitler advancing through Europe, Britain stood firm. And the king was a source of consistency for the country. Standing right next to him was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Consort, aka the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother’s Blitz is available to stream on True Royalty TV.

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