D23 EXPO 2015 – On the Showroom Floor

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While panels and presentations were where secrets were revealed at the D23 EXPO, the showroom floor was a crowded place filled with all things Disney. A walk around the large hall at the Anaheim Convention Center is a must for people coming to the EXPO. Even if you only want to attend the presentations and get the latest scoop on upcoming films and park attractions, the showroom floor was a place filled with electricity as Disney was on display at every turn.


Attendees were able to create their own personalized Coke cans as collectibles or souvenirs of the event. Okay, so that doesn’t have anything to do with Disney per se, but it was fun nevertheless. And there were plenty of games and activities for all ages.

There was an exhibit highlighted the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland Resort which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2016. Entering the exhibit attendees got a feel of the culture of the Far East and the chance to see what visitors to the Shanghai Disneyland resort will experience – and buy.

expo shanghai

As Expo attendees meandered through the pavilions they were completely immersed in Disney products and characters. While the majority of attendees came in their street clothes, there were plenty who dressed as their favorite characters. Disney princesses were everywhere, from the very young to the not-so-young. The D23 EXPO is always a place where Disney fans of all ages gather to enjoy their mutual love of films, characters, theme parks, and products.

Another exhibit highlighted the Disneyland Resort through the years. For those who visited the park throughout the sixty years, this was a blast from the past as items that are long gone were on display.


The Expo also had an area where autograph seekers could get the ‘John Hancocks’ of their favorite characters and performers. And speaking of performers, there were several performances throughout the three days.

The nitty gritty of any Expo is, of course, the products. And Disney is famous for their consumer products divisions. Books, music, art, toys, collectibles, jewelry and just about anything you can think of were available to purchase. And they were doing a booming business. People were carrying bags filled with their treasures, with smiles on their faces.

D23 EXPO 2015

Dedicated photo spots were popular locations. How about a picture with a life sized Gruff from Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast? Or perhaps a photo with Wreck it Ralph? Maybe droids or Stormtroopers are more your thing. Or Sven from Frozen or the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story? Wall-E and EVE were there too. There was no shortage of great photo ops for Disney fans.

Needless to say, the showroom floor was packed with plenty of things to do, see, experience, and buy. The hard thing at the D23 Expo is always deciding what to buy.