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brothersbandLouise Harrison has written an interesting book about her life and how she helped her little brother. Oh yeah, her little bro was George Harrison, one of the Fab Four. My Kid Brother’s Band a.k.a, The Beatles! is Harrison’s window into the past as she describes not only her own life but relates it to how close she was with her brother and how invested she was in his career.


The book has several anecdotes about her efforts to publicize the Beatles when they were first getting started. They were known across the pond, but it took quite a bit of persistence to get their songs played on American radio stations. Louise never faltered. She was steadfast in helping get the word out about her brother’s little band.


There is an interesting story about George performing in the U.S. before anyone knew about the Beatles. While visiting his sister in the states, he stepped in to play at one of the local establishments. As Louise says, that was the first American performance by a Beatle.


Louise does delve into her own history with stories about her own life that don’t relate to her brother, however the majority of the book is filled with her passion about her brother’s career and how the two siblings interacted through the years.


While Beatlemania was surging, Louise was front and center in the business, and included in the book are letters she received in the process of getting the Beatles launched in America. There are some stories about George’s band mates – Paul, John, and Ringo – however readers will most likely be more invested in the anecdotes Louise relates about her own brother. Their relationship is not as well known but they were very close and readers will learn just how close they were.


When people think of the Beatles, they rarely think about their families and their personal relationships. Louise pulls back the curtain and brings readers into her familial relationship with her little brother.


She was close to George and she was close to the band, traveling with them and helping out wherever she could. She was a hands-on sister who, although she had her own family, put much effort into her brother’s life and career.


Louise relates information about the Harrison kids and their upbringing, giving credit to their parents. She doesn’t hide the bad stories. On the contrary, she blends the good with the bad putting her entire life on display for the world to see.


Punctuating the stories with correspondence as well as photos, Louise’s book provides a personal account of growing up a Harrison and living as a pseudo member of the historic group.


My Kid Brother’s Band a.k.a. The Beatles!

Author: Louise Harrison

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Acclaim Press

ISBN-10: 193890552

ISBN-13: 978-1938905520


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