Recess Monkey’s Wired CD GIVEAWAY

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WIRED-Cover-Art_Rec completedWired, a collection of super-eclectic “gadget rock” songs about inventions, machines, and electricity, also highlights the richness of life beyond batteries: Grandpa’s wisdom, board games, singing with others, storytelling, and the fine art of duct tape.


Recess Monkey’s trademark over-the-top, loaded-with-humor lyrics are again delivered with the band’s amazing mastery of diverse musical styles.


Wired rolls out of the gate with “Take Your Kid To Work Day,” a track that combines a driving, 8 to the bar rhythm with a super-energized, lyrical bass guitar line and a Mick Jagger-like vocal intensity. This explosion of energy continues unabated with the next track, “Wired,” an ode d’amour to a sugar high with the real treat at the end. “Braces” provides a nice contrast with more than a little tip-of-the hat to the Beatles. In “Car Wash,” Recess Monkey does a little time traveling to this quintessential 1970s experience, but for really serious time travel, check out “Grandpa is a Time Machine” and soak up some old time, ukulele driven, up-tempo two-beat along with Grandpa’s iced tea and endless supply of stories. “Wishing Well” is another score for Beatlemaniacs, enhanced by a guitar solo that pays homage to the great George Harrison. Other highlights include “Brick by Brick,” where Recess Monkey “puts together” an anthem to Legos, the original “maker” toy, and the hilarious ballad, “Duct Tape World,” in which one boy, one girl, and one million and two rolls of duct tape leads to a front yard business called “On A Roll With You!” The relaxed tempo and uncomplicated texture of “Off The Grid” showcase the expressive quality of Drew Holloway’s vocals, bringing Wired to a peaceful and beautiful close.


To be eligible to win a copy of Recess Monkey’s Wired CD, email us at [email protected] with “Wired” in the title. Please supply your name, address, phone number and email address (so we can let you know if you are a winner).


The deadline for this giveaway is June 20, 2014.