The Workrobe is a useful and comfortable robe for work or rest


With many of us now working from home or visiting friends and relatives via ZOOM, FaceTime, or other formats, we try to look our best. The Workrobe is a useful item that will come in handy for all those video chats and video work conferences.

Usually for video conferences and chats we are seen from the waist up. There are a few instances when people have been caught accidentally revealing their underwear, whether it’s because they adjust their posture or a mirror is in the picture.

After our online visits, whether they are social or business, we go back to our regular routines. Many times these are simply lounging around or doing chores. This is where the Workrobe comes in handy.

There are three different designs and several color options. The robe is comfortable and stylish, and provides wearers with a camera-ready upper body that goes lower than a sweater or shirt. And when the camera is turned off, it is a soft robe to wear around the house. It’s even appropriate to wear when going out for the mail.

The Workrobe is available in three styles. The Blouse Robe comes in black or white. It hits approximately mid thigh in the front with a lower back, and includes pockets, a sash as well as rolled sleeves.

The Button Down Robe is just that. The top has buttons to look more business-like. A belt is included and the collar is useful if you want to put a cardigan over the robe to make it look more like an oxford shirt while on camera. The robe hits approximately at the knee and is available in black or white.

The Cowl Neck Robe is stylish with a belt, and hits around the knee. There is a button to keep the cowl neck from popping open. This is available in gray or black.

All of these robes are also great for a spa or salon. They are stylish while at the same time very comfortable. Plus they serve two purposes. They provide appropriate upper body styling for any video conferences and they are stylish everyday robes to lounge in at home.

Let’s face it, once in awhile we will be surprised by a FaceTime call from a friend or family member. This usually happens when we least expect it and might even be cozy in our pajamas – especially on cold winter afternoons and evenings. In this case, just grab your robe and in two seconds you look presentable and stylish. The only thing this doesn’t do is put on your makeup. But it can’t do everything!

Looking good on camera is what we all strive for. And now there is no need to worry about how you look for your next ZOOM call. Dress the robe up with some jewelry and you’re dressed for the office – from the thighs/knees up. No one needs to know you are wearing slippers and no slacks!

The robes come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

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