Dyson V6 Mattress - Product Review


When you see the Dyson V6 Mattress handheld vacuum you might wonder what makes this different from the other Dyson handheld vacuum. The difference is the additional motorized brush designed especially for mattresses. When was the last time you vacuumed your mattress? Have you ever thought about it? We often hear of bedbug outbreaks in hotels but we don’t hear about dust mites.

No matter how often you change your sheets, your mattress still collects dust mites and skin cells. That’s not going to stop unless you have a special covering over your mattress; more than simply a regular mattress pad. The average bed is filled with dust mites, their feces, and skin cells. Doesn’t it make your stomach turn when you think about that?

The Dyson V6 Mattress will alleviate your concerns and put your mind to rest, along with your body. The motorized mattress tool has stiff bristles that agitate the fibers in your mattress and sucks up the mites, feces, and skin cells. The HEPA filter captures particles so they are not released back into the air.

If you have allergy sufferers in your house, remember that dust mites can trigger attacks and even asthma. Inhaling the mites or their feces or contact with skin are the ways our bodies come in contact with these disgusting little guys. Have you ever seen a mite through a microscope? They are creepy bugs that are just as menacing as they are ugly.

Besides the specially designed motorized mattress brush, the Dyson V6 Mattress includes a soft brush for cleaning gentle surfaces like keyboards, a combination tool for cleaning shelves and other areas, and a crevice tool. And emptying the bin is as simple as a push of a button. You don’t have to touch anything that has been captured by the vacuum.

The Dyson V6 Mattress is compact and lightweight. It is quieter than the Dyson V6 Trigger, their other handheld vacuum. The main difference, however, is the motorized mattress tool.

After receiving this vacuum to test, my first thought was that I wish I could take it with me whenever I go to a hotel. I hope hotels and motels know about this vacuum!

Because we spend at least a third of our lives in bed, it makes sense that the mattress should be as clean as possible. According to Environment, Health and Safety Online, “A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. (Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.”

There are many ways to help control mites in your environment. Read more at the ehso website.

In the meantime, remember that the Dyson V6 Mattress is one important tool in keeping your family a little healthier. Even with special mattress covers, it is a good idea to vacuum your mattresses. After all, every little bit helps.

If you are considering a handheld vacuum, the Dyson V6 Mattress adds a little extra to the package. It does everything the other handhelds do, plus a little more. And you will be happier when you get into bed.

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