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The Doll of the Year at this year’s TOTY awards is the Wonder Crew. This line of boy dolls was created especially for boys, of course girls will love them too.

The dolls were created to give boys a “buddy” they could take with them and play with. These superhero little guys come dressed in their Wonder Crew outfits and have capes and masks. Plus, there is a cape and mask included in the box for their human friends. These little guys are available in a variety of ethnicities so there is a little Wonder Crew Hero for everyone.

The company says, “Our buddies combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal.” Boys can take their hero buddies along wherever they go, and will undoubtedly be connected emotionally to their soft-body buddy for life. These are the kinds of dolls that get passed down from one generation to another, with plenty of stories to go with them!

Besides the red hero outfits, there are other buddies and outfits out now and on the horizon: an astronaut, a construction worker, and more.

Social and emotional intelligence, imagination, and confidence were a priority when designing this line of dolls.

Where action figures are hard plastic, these buddies have soft bodies, with soft plastic heads, arms, and legs. They are meant to be a friend to little boys and are more endearing than stuffed animals. Boys will have plenty of adventures with these little guys. And, as stated earlier, although they were designed for boys, girls will also find them loveable.

The Wonder Crew Superhero’s each list for $29.99. There is Superhero Will (Caucasian), Superhero James (Black), Superhero Marco (Hispanic), and Superhero Erik (Asian). Parents will undoubtedly be purchasing additional outfits ($19.99) for the dolls so their child can experience several adventures with his buddy – especially the pajamas for a great nighttime pal. The Wonder Crew inspires kids to be strong, adventurous, and helpful.

Their motto is “Go anywhere. Be anything.” These dolls fill a void in the toy market for boys. And, they’re completely adorable!

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