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Bluejay E-bikes has just introduced their second model – Bluejay Sport to go along with the Premier Edition model. These bikes are comfortable and very attractive.

The company invited me on a media ride to get acquainted with these bikes and I did enjoy the ride. I rode the Premier Edition with is a step-through model making it easier for those of us with, let’s just say knee problems. The new Sport model was designed for more off-road rides, although it is still a good city bike.

The battery on these bikes supplies a good push even when it is set to the lowest level. When the level is increased (which I did when going up a hill) the motor makes uphill peddling a breeze. The motor kicks in as soon as the pedal is engaged, so there is no awkward starting point. As they explained to me before I began my ride, it’s like having someone giving the bike a little assist – similar to when you learned to ride. I remember those days. My dad would run alongside my bike holding on until he thought I was capable of riding by myself. It worked, and the motor on the Bluejay works too, to make that takeoff and ride fun and easy.

The seat was very comfortable as were the handle grips. The information is displayed on an easy-to-read screen, and with the 75-mile battery life, this is one bike that can easily go several days when out for little jaunts.


Okay, let’s get down to the best part – the colors! Haha.  The colors are beautiful. The Sport model has some attractive matte colors and the Premier model has shiny paint. No matter which color you like, these are the best looking e-bikes I have ever seen.

Families will enjoy the easy-to-attach child seat as well as the comfy child buggy. These are not made specifically by Bluejay but are available for these bikes. You can even double up with a child seat on the rear of the bike and tow the buggy. Taking your family out for a ride in the park, by the beach, or just around the neighborhood is easier now with E-bikes. And for those peddling, well, let’s just say the ride got a lot smoother and less demanding.


I could get into more specifics about the Bluejay but it’s better if you check them out for yourself. To find a retailer near you to get detailed information, purchase or test drive, check here.

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