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It’s the time of year when everyone is shopping for holiday gifts. Let’s face it, the holidays are centered on children with all the fun and festivities. So after the house is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, and parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., are worn out, why not celebrate with some delicious bubbly? We deserve it.

Pommery wines are the product of Madame Pommery. Her 1874 Brut was highly respected. The current creations are deserving of the great name. Founded in 1857 this winery has continued to produce some fine wines.

Champagne Pommery’s new world collection: the Mandala Boxes, Cuvée Louise 2005 ($224.99), or Cuvée Louise Brut Nature 2006 ($244.99).

In various traditions, Mandalas are employed as a guidance tool, and these in particular are inspired by the universe and serve as an aid to meditation. Unlock your spiritual path and discover the journey of the creation of Pommery Champagne with the stunning Mandala Gift Boxes available in Brut Royal ($51.99), Brut Rosé Royal ($64.99), Blanc de Blancs ($65.99), and Grand Cru Royal Millésimé 2009 ($74.99).  

Cuvée Louise was inspired by the personality of its founder, Madame Jeanne-Alexandrine Louise Pommery. It begins in a specially reserved vineyard and is a blend of three Grand Crus, the majority of which is Chardonnay. It is then placed in the cellars where it is allowed to age and develop, slowly and naturally. The result is elegant champagne with a velvety, creamy texture with a delicate flavor with incredible harmony and minerality.

Cuvée Louise Brut Nature is the purest and most authentic expression of the great terroirs it derives from. It is reserved for the most exceptional vintages which permit a refined vision of Louise with their richness and perfect harmony. With its minerality and incomparable flavors, Cuvée Louise Nature 2006 is a confidential cuvée created with the absence of dosage.

Having tested one sample, I can say that the Pommery Brut Royal Rose is wonderful. It’s full of essence and a light yet full flavored juicy Rose.

So, why not celebrate the holidays with something new? And for a last-minute gift, these might fit the bill.

Also, remember that New Year’s is coming soon. Is it 2023 already? Where do the years go?

So pop a cork and celebrate.

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