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Are they toys? Are they art? They are both. The CMY Cubes are beautiful cubes coated with bright colors that provide a relaxing change of pace while working at your desk or just pondering a situation.

These cubes are coated with cyan, magenta, and yellow colors and when the cubes are turned around, more colors appear. They are like holding a rainbow in your hand. And they are mesmerizing.

Art students will definitely be entranced by the cubes, as well as business executives who can place them on their desks for a colorful addition to the business world. There is something soothing about looking at the colors and handling the cubes. Mixing the colors by turning the cubes in different direction is a break from work.

Do you remember the old magnetic pendulum balls that would clink together when moved and we were transfixed by the pairing options? That is old school. The CMY Cubes are much more entertaining and definitely more colorful.

There are different sizes and even different shapes. They all have a relaxing element. Don’t try to figure out how they change colors, just enjoy the beauty of the cubes. 

They can be purchased individually or in packs. And a clear stand is available as a separate purchase.

The CMY Cubes make great stocking stuffers or office gifts. Or treat yourself to one. With the stress of today’s world and more people working from their homes, it is necessary to escape the pressures, deadlines, and workloads. And parents can explore the different colors with their kids for an interesting learning experience about the world of colors.

Besides the CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) combination cubes there are also options for clear cubes and individual color cubes. They all have a variety of colors built in so even if you get the magenta cube, there will be a variety of pink colors within the cube.

Check out their website for the variety of CMY Cubes, prices, and packages.

Click on the image below to see how the cubes change colors.

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