Disney Wisdom Jiminy Cricket


Every third Saturday of each month during 2019, the folks at Disney release a new set in their Disney Wisdom Collection. These are different each month and include several items, each with an inspirational quote from a classic Disney film.

This month the focus is on Pinocchio. The saying from The Blue Fairy, “Always let your conscience be your guide” is something every age should follow.

The plush ($26.95) for the July release is a bright green Jiminy Cricket, complete with his tie, jacket and signature hat. This fellow has a broad smile and all his features are stitched on, so there is nothing for small hands to pull off. He is a true plush – soft and cuddly. Yes, even a cricket can be cuddly!

His bright green hat is embroidered with the phrase from the Blue Fairy, with the emphasis on the word “conscience.” The back of his coat is stitched with the Disney Wisdom patch and the words “Series 7 of 12.” This is what makes him official and unique among other plush animals.

Besides the plush Jiminy, the collection includes a bright green mug ($18.95) with the wise quote on the front and a picture of Jiminy and Figaro the cat on the back. It is a great way to start the day. Fill it with your favorite coffee or tea and you are off to a good start, keeping the words of wisdom in your mind.

Also in this collection this month is a set of three pins ($16.95): Jiminy, Figaro, and a plaque of the quote. They are all done in bright green. There is a book ($16.95) as well, with the quote on the front and blank pages so it can be filled with your own quotes, or maybe a shopping list or honey-do list.  And there is a T-shirt  ($26.95) for adults with the wise quote on the front. The shirt is white but the quote is emblazoned in bright green. What else?

The star of the series is definitely the plush Jiminy Cricket. He stands about 15 inches tall and is about 12 inches when sitting. Just looking at his face will make anyone smile. He is filled with love, happiness, and the whimsy that makes these characters adorable for all ages. He definitely put a smile on my face when I opened the package.

This little fellow is so darn cute and cuddly. Adults will want to display him as a collector’s item, however kids will definitely want to hug him and play with him. And he might even get the whole family singing “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

As the folks at Disney say, “Celebrate the timeless wisdom found in Disney films with our special edition Disney Wisdom Collection…Collect them all to add color to your life and revel in the everlasting wisdom taught by classic Disney films with this magical rainbow collection.”

Everything in this collection is limited so make sure you get the item or items of your choice by going to the Shop Disney website.

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