Glass Glow Shinelighter – Product Review

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The new “Shinelighter” from beautyblender is a unique product. It is a clear gel that is not sticky and adds shine to your face to give you that healthy glow.

Sometimes a little shine on the upper part of your cheeks looks amazing, and that is just what this product does. It gives you that healthy shine wherever you put it. I love it on my lips. It does not get gooey or sticky and gives users that “Jennifer Lopez” look of shiny lips.

I have also tried it on my eyelids over eye shadow. That is an interesting look. As long as you don’t get it on the bottom of your eye you will have a very shiny eyelid. Placed over gold or silver eye shadow at the holiday time, this is definitely going to make you stand out. Just make sure you do not get it below your eyes or you’ll look like you’re crying. On the top lid is an impressive new look, however.

Test is on different areas of your face to see what you prefer. This is a unique item that will be in demand at the holiday time.

Beautyblender has many unique products. Check them out, and take a closer look at this Glass Glow Shinelighter. It’s something new and something you definitely do not have in your beauty drawer…yet. It adds a little sparkle to your face. And who cannot use a little extra sparkle and pizazz?

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