Frozen 2 Doll Set of 2 Queens and Costumes for Girls


Fans both young and old have adored the beloved sisters from Frozen for years. Now they are starring in Frozen 2 and they have new gowns and new roles. Spoiler Alert!

The new Anna and Elsa Doll Set from the Disney Stores and is truly a dream set for girls as well as collectors. Elsa’s iconic blue dress from the first film has been replaced with her new Snow Queen outfit with a spectacular white and purple dress over ice blue leggings.  and Anna (SPOILER ALERT) is now Queen Anna and her new dress of teak with a beautiful cape as well as her crown fit her new role.

The dolls are each 11 1/2” high and poseable. Elsa’s white hair is coiffed down and Anna’s red hair is in an updo, which accentuates her green eyes and freckles. Plus her crown is her crowning glory! ($34.95)

The gowns are spectacular and quite frankly, when I saw the movie I thought Elsa’s new dress was even prettier than her original blue dress. And Anna’s regal dress is not only exquisite but is befitting a young queen.

Because the sisters come together in a set, this is a great gift for the holidays. And since Frozen 2 is sweeping the nation, it is hard to find a young girl who isn’t a fan of the sisters.

There are also matching outfits for young girls to dress like their favorite Frozen sister. These come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to a 9/10. ($79.99 each)

Now with Elsa the Snow Queen and Anna the Queen of Arendelle, both sisters are regal Disney Queens and delightful in their own right.

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