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I have seen the commercials on TV and heard a lot about the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, so when my cardiologist mentioned that that is the program she recommends to her patients who want/need to lose weight, I decided to test it out. The company offered me several weeks worth of food with my weekly counseling sessions in order to give this a fair trial. Here is what happened.

There are plenty of food choices from which to order. I mainly stayed on the meatless plan but added the 12/12 hours that is part of the new Rapid Results program. This requires you don’t eat anything for 12 hours and during the other 12 hours you consume your daily food menu.

The breakfasts are delicious. My personal favorites are the cinnamon buns, the cinnamon coffee cake, and the cereals. But I also enjoyed the maple French toast and the waffles. Plus the cheese omelet with potatoes was a nice way to start off the day. I think the breakfast choices are my favorites.

The plan calls for a breakfast, “anytime bar,” lunch, snack (fruit is suggested), dinner, and night snack. They also have delicious boxes of vanilla and chocolate shakes. There are suggested fruits and vegetables to add to the meals.

The lunch and dinner entrees are the same, so you don’t have a different set of meals for lunch and one for dinner. You can mix and match, which is a great way to go.

Some of my favorite lunch/dinner entrees are the margarita pizza, the butternut squash ravioli, the mac and cheese with vegetables, the creamy penne with vegetables, and the broccoli cheese baked potato. I also tried several other foods and none of them were terrible. As a matter of fact, they were all delicious and flavorful.

The nighttime snacks are a great way to end the day. They have several salty/spicy snacks and plenty of desserts. The chocolate lava cake and the cupcake are wonderful. When not in the mood for something sweet, the cheese curls and the ranch snaps fit the bill.

The results will vary. Initially I didn’t lose much weight (although I was never hungry and enjoyed the food) and while talking to my counselor Susan, she made adjustments in some of the foods I was adding (coffee creamer, ketchup) so once that happened the pounds began to come off. I had to take a week off during my testing period to cover an event, and yes, I did gain weight when I was off of the program. I knew I would as I drank sugary drinks and ate French fries. But as soon as I went back on the program I lost it all plus more – all within the first week back on the Jenny Craig program. That turned out to be a great experiment for this reviewer!

I think the best way to get the best results out of this program is to follow it EXACTLY. And write down everything you eat. Plus the telephone sessions with the counselor is another benefit of this program.

If I could change something about it, I would like to have them have meal bars that could be taken on the go. Otherwise, I believe this is a great program that delivers results – with delicious food.

Jenny Craig Membership Progrms:

Jenny All Access membership-Initial fee $99 plus a $19 a month recurring billing fee. Access to the membership for a year

Premium membership – Initial fee $299. You will receive half of the initial fee back once you reach your goal weight. You will receive the rest of the initial fee back once you’ve maintained your goal weight for a year within 5lbs. You will receive 10% off and free shipping on planned menus. Access to the membership for 2 years – includes a maintenance program.

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