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MiniMD is a personal microdermabrasion system that delivers results. After trying it for a couple weeks, I did notice a difference in my skin.

What is microdermabrasion? Simply put, it gently exfoliates while it smooths the skin. By using the diamond tip, the MiniMD buffs away dead skin cells and gently sucks the top layer of your skin.

Using this unit is easy right from the start, however the more you use it the easier it becomes and the more comfortable you will be with it. The first time I used it my skin was definitely smoother and I noticed some imperfections (blackheads) on my face were gone. As yet, I haven’t seen a reduction in fine lines, however that is possible with continued use, and I intend to keep using this device.

Exfoliation is important to get rid of the damaged top layer of skin. This is the surface layer that is exposed to dirt and pollution every day. By gently buffing it away, the layer underneath is revealed and your skin looks brighter, fresher, and feels smoother. The company says when you use it you will see more radiant and glowing skin, and I have found that to be true.

While I haven’t used it more than a couple weeks, I can definitely see a difference in the texture and color of my skin. Uneven skin tone is now a thing of the past. My skin does look more radiant, and people have noticed!

When you use the MiniMD, you gently rub the unit on clean skin. The diamond tip is gentle and the suction is strong enough to do the job without feeling a harsh tug on your skin.

During winter months the MiniMD will tackle your dry indoor and wind damaged skin, and during summer months it will help clear away the debris from sunscreen and chlorine.

In the past I have had many professional microdermabrasion treatments, each costing at least a hundred dollars. Yes, I did pay that because the treatments always made my skin look fresher and younger, and left it smoother. But you don’t have to pay that any more. You can perform your own microdermabrasion treatment in the privacy of your own house. It only takes about five minutes each time, and you will definitely see and feel the difference after one or two treatments.

I definitely use it and believe in the treatment of microdermabrasion. The company includes additional tips with the unit. That’s a nice touch.

The MiniMD lists for $99. Go to their website for more information and to order.

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