Keyboards for iPads


Many people love the convenience of a tablet but the performance of a laptop. It’s nice to be able to use a touch screen but not having a keyboard can be a problem for those who need to write or correspond. So what do you do? If you want the best of both, there is an easy solution. The keyboards from ZAGG offer tablet users a way to set up their iPad to work similarly to a laptop. Of course, keep in mind there are differences between tablets and laptops (no additional ports), however tablets are most like cell phones so if you’re used to working on your phone, perhaps a tablet is for you. And then simply add a keyboard/case.

ZAGG makes two different keyboards for the iPad. They are both QUERTY so it’s easy for users to connect them and get started in a snap (literally). They both stand up without any problems. Plus, and here’s one of my favorite aspects, they are both backlit, so if you’re in a dark or dim location the keys are easy to see. Once you click your tablet into the case, the case can be used as simply a case to protect your tablet or it can easily snap into place on the keyboard.

The difference between the two models is the trackpad. The regular PRO KEYS is simply a keyboard while the PRO KEYS with Trackpad has a convenient trackpad at the bottom of the board. The keyboards and the keys are the same size in both of the models however with the PRO KEYS with Trackpad there is only one slot in which to position the tablet while in the regular PRO KEYS there are two slots.  So if you are used to using a trackpad the PRO KEYS with TRACKPAD will be the way to go. And, if you intend on doing a lot of work like spreadsheets, writing, etc., on your tablet, you’ll find the trackpad is the most convenient and fastest way to work.

The keys feel good to the touch and there are volume keys as well as all the function keys. The only difference between my Apple keyboard keys and my ZAGG keys is the shape. They feel the same but the ZAGG keys are round while the Apple keys are square.

The keyboards connect to the tablet via Bluetooth so pairing the iPad to the keyboard is no big deal. The keyboard charges via a USB C plug, and both models are slim and lightweight.

I love tablets and I love keyboards. I would not have a tablet without a keyboard. ZAGG is a wonderful and reliable company that has been a leader in technology products for years. And yes, I personally have used many of their products without any problems so I can honestly recommend them without hesitation.

So, if you are still on the fence deciding between a laptop and a tablet, adding a keyboard might just sway you in the direction of a tablet. And if you received a tablet for the holiday, adding a keyboard will make it much more functional.

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