Plush Mirabel – Product Review


The animated film Encanto is taking the world by storm. With its colorful scenery – and casita – as well as the beautiful costumes and endearing story, the movie has become an instant classic for Disney fans. At the heart of the story is Mirabel, a fifteen-year-old girl who is a little different than the rest of her family. They each have special magical powers but Mirabel does not. However even without magic, this little hero manages to save her family and her house.

The new plush doll stands about 18 inches high. Her dress is bright and colorful with beautiful embroidery depicting aspects of the story. Mirabel’s name is embroidered on the waistband and her family name is on her skirt. The background is a rich teal with fuchsia, bright green, orange, yellow, and turquoise embroidery making it exceptionally bright and colorful.

Mirabel’s face has her iconic green glasses embroidered on it and she sports a big, wide smile. Just looking at her it is almost impossible not to smile or feel happy. She is the epitome of happiness.

Her dark hair has some soft ribbon curls framing her face. Her hair is also soft and plush so this doll is appropriate for very young kids. The hair does not need brushing. It can be squished and hugged and not lose its style.

Is she soft and cuddly? Yes to both. And she is larger than many other plush dolls.

The shopDisney website has a singing Mirabel doll as well, and as of this writing the plush is sold out however please check back often to see when it will be back in stock. She is definitely worth waiting for.

This plush Mirabel will brighten up any room, bed, or bookshelf. And young fans of the movie will enjoy sleeping with her as well as taking her in the car on those errands with mom or dad. I can see this happy little doll becoming a child’s best friend. Who can resist the happiness and joy she inspires?

Mirabel is sitting on my desk as I write and whenever I look at her I have to smile. We all need some happiness and joy and Mirabel delivers. And no, Disney is not paying me for this review. I genuinely think this plush is well made, colorful, and inspiring.

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