Pocket Chair from BabyToLove

Ages:6 months - 36 months
Website:Pocket Chair

There are plenty of instances when families are out and there is no highchair in which to sit a baby/toddler. While most restaurants do offer highchairs, there are still some that do not. And besides restaurants, there are many other places you might go where nothing is available for your toddler.  Enter the Pocket Chair from BabyToLove.

The Pocket Chair is made from machine-washable polyester. There are a variety of patterns from which to select. The lightweight product folds up for easy carrying in a purse or diaper bag.

Instead of schlepping a car seat into the doctor’s office or some other place, simply take the Pocket Chair. It easily and securely attaches to a chair and keeps your child safe, however make sure the ground is stable so the chair won’t tip over.

Place the item on the chair and secure it to the top of the chair. Then place the child on the soft padded material and adjust the straps and harness to the child/chair. Now you have an easy solution to lugging a heavy car seat with you.

Think of the times when you go to a church festival or other party or event where high chairs are non-existent. And now think about when you unlatch the car seat to carry your child into one of these events. Now – forget about all of that. With the Pocket Chair you can carry your child into the event and securely strap him or her onto a regular chair.

When you are not using the Pocket Chair, it folds into its own pouch making it easy to store and easy to open when needed.

The Pocket Chair is for toddlers that can sit on their own and recommended for ages 6-26 months and under 33 pounds. It is clever and useful, and inexpensive.


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