‘Reality Queen’ shines a spotlight on today's pop culture obsessions

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Reality Queen! is a farcical movie about how the American public has become obsessed with indulgent people and frankly, people that are simply bad influences. Today’s culture idolizes the rich and the ignorant. This film is a “mockumentary” about the stupidity of some elements of the population.

Julia Faye West is London Logo, a Paris Hilton-esque character. She was born into a privileged life with self-indulgent parents. London is a drugging, drinking, party girl whose persona has made her an influencer. She shot to fame with her sex tape and is now one of the hottest celebrities on the planet. But she is famous for being famous. Sound familiar?

When three sisters, nicknamed “The Kims” (because of their last name) overtake her top popularity status, London is intent on finding a way to regain the top spot. While she is cunning and stupid at the same time, her fans are completely entranced by her every move. Again, sound familiar?

London seeks to retake the position with her “fans” by rejoining with her past reality show partner Rochelle Ritzy (Shelli Boone). Perhaps if they unite for a special show, she will once again become top reality celeb. Once again, sound familiar?

The film’s intention is to shine a spotlight on the stupidity of the public that idolizes these talentless and ignorant people. It is a great spoof on the “reality” celebs who have skyrocketed to riches thanks to the ignorance of the public and some great marketing and public relations experts.

The movie is not a great film, but it is fun to watch, especially for those who think the reality stars of today are ridiculous. It all stems from great marketing. It definitely does not stem from great intelligence and talent. Today’s pop culture icons do not have the talent of the previous generations. For some reason the public idolizes these people simply because they are on TV.

Reality Queen! is not rated however it is not suitable for young kids. It is definitely a film that will start conversations though! It opens in theaters January 10, 2020.

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